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Heat Resistant Terrace Tiles

THERMATEK GREEN PRODUCTS PVT.LTD. is a manufacturer of Heat Resistance Tiles. These tiles are used as Roof Heat Insulation Material. These tiles reflects solar heat away from the roof. We can use these tiles can be define under the following categories like Heat Resistant Terrace Tiles, Floor Tiles For Terrace, Heat Proofing of Roof, Heat Proofing Tiles for Building etc. Heat Resistance Tiles prevent home from heating in summer by reducing heat from roof ceiling. These tiles are ecofriendly and easy for installation. Heat Resistant Terrace Tiles is environmentally sound, commercially successful, suitable for a wide range of hot climate, For floor we use basically a ceramic floor tile which reflects solar radiation (heat). For Heat Proofing of Roof, Buildings we use special materials with very high solar reflective index which reflect solar heat. For this material manufactured to last a lifetime with a thoughtful balance of new patented technology.

About Us

Thermatek Green Private Ltd. allied to The Parshuram Pottery ( Establish 1928 ) brings you the finest quality and wide variety of heat resistant ceramic tiles ( WA from 10 to 3 ). The product is the result of the groups more than 80 years of experience in ceramic. This has resulted in the development of a tile which is customised for conditions on terrace. The tile has just the right qualities of strength, size, thickness and above all heat reflectivity.

Heat Resistant Tiles
Floor Tiles For Terrace

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